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Wholesale New Arrivals - Prom & Formal Dresses

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Sweetheart Neckline Fitted Sateen Prom Gown item #a913

Sweatheart Neckline Embroidered Evening Gown item #a783

Strapless Short Babydoll Prom Dress item #a464s

Spaghetti Straps Cold-shoulder Long Bridesmaid Dress item #a824

Spaghetti Lace Embroidered Formal Prom Dress item #a921

Silhouette Styles Prom Gown with Rhinestone Accents item #a785

Sequined Plunging Neckine Prom Gown item #a784

Satin Fitted V Neck Prom Dress item #a370

Rhinestone Accented Drop Sleeve Formal Gown item #a923

Off Shoulder Long Puffy Prom Dress item #a924

Off Shoulder Fitted Prom Gown item #a373

Long Embellished Halter Tulle Prom Dress item #a259

High Round Neck Princess Cut Long Bridesmaid Dress item #a826

Fitted & Embellished Full Sleeve Prom Gown item #a372

Embellished Sheer Top Long Prom Pageant Satin Dress item #a238

Embellished Full Sleeve Prom Dress item #a465s

Decollete Neckline Geometric Prom Gown item #a461

Dazzling Embroidered Two Piece Halter Short Prom Dress item #a916s

Dazzling Embroidered Two Piece Halter Prom Dress item #a916

Bejeweled Bodice V-Neck Spaghetti Straps Formal Prom Dress item #a570


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